WKND launches personalised getaways in New York Metropolis

WKND, a platform that personalizes local weekend travel packages for millennials, launches in New York City.

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Brian FriedmanWKND Founder and CEO commented, “It is a challenge for people to book and control local weekend adventures with exciting under-the-radar destinations and activities that promote healthy and active lifestyles. Discovering local destinations in the Proximity can take years of hard work to find and explore. We’re excited to promote local travel by making it easy to make the ultimate weekend getaway in 5 minutes or less. “

WKND Getaways range from a stay at Hotel Dylan with flow yoga and modern art in the Catskills to a stay at Gurney’s Montauk with catching surf and parasailing in Montauk. Each WKND getaway includes detailed instructions with directions, grocery recommendations, an interactive overview map, and a tailored packing list. WKND makes it easy to learn about the unique world outside New York Cityand helps millennials re-energize, restart, and re-energize every weekend to optimize their productivity and happiness

The online journey on WKND begins with completing a travel personality quiz inspired by the Myers-Briggs personality test. WKND then intelligently packages transportation with accommodation, restaurant and activity reservations to create the perfect weekend of on-site living and sharing. Official travel partners currently include Booking.com, Viator by Tripadvisor, Getaway and Sonder. Include expansion plans The angel with a similar experience in spring 2021 that will also cover up to 3 hours outside the city.

About WKND

WKND is an on-demand retreats-as-a-service platform that intelligently personalizes local weekend adventure packages. WKND helps millennials who want a break from the city fill their weekends with unique life experiences. To learn more, visit yourwknd.com

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