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The sun is shining, COVID-19 rates have dropped, spring is just around the corner, and even after a tough year, New Yorkers love their city more than ever. During New York Fashion Week in February, designers were not only inspired by the Big Apple, they also reveled in it. While it seems obvious that a New York collection would emerge after a lockdown in the city and restricted travel, the inspiration comes from imagination: designers might as well have chosen imaginative distant themes. But no, the city continues to be our favorite muse – as you can see in the collections below. So this is New York, New York for you!

David Yurman

Image Credit: Courtesy of David Yurman

The jewelry store turned its flagship windows on 57th Street, including the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, and One Astor Plaza, into vignettes of the city’s skyline. “All of these buildings make up a beautiful, dynamic cityscape, but if you look into each one you will see millions of people living their lives – each with their own story,” said Yurman.

To accompany the theme of the windows, the jewelry designer also launched a social campaign paying tribute to the people who inspire him, such as designer Norma Kamali, restaurateur Michael Chernow, actress Zosia Mamet and athlete Victor Cruz.

Carolina Herrera

Everywhere fashion editors could be heard singing: “Nobody opens the door / For a native New Yorker,” selected Odyssey hit creative director Wes Gordon for the fall / winter 2021 video. A bright red Carolina Herrera tour bus stops next to it Empire State Building and Times Square, releasing models Alek Wek, Lulu Tenney, Ash Foo, Philyne, Effie Steinberg and Theresa Hayes in clothes that made Herrera’s New York City debut 40 years earlier.


Khaite’s Catherine Holstein has re-cast gritty New York films like Taxi Driver with an all-female gang of models running amok on the streets in a Sean Baker film. For the screening, Khaite staged a drive-in film full of vintage cars, in which editors and buyers could safely watch the film with the Manhattan skyline in the background.

The story goes on

Prabal Gurung

If Khaite showed us the rebellious, darker side of NYC, then Prabal Gurung was indulging in all of its glamor and promise. His collection is filled with bright reds, pinks and polka dots, with voluminous silhouettes that are reminiscent of the fun-loving 80s. For the video release, models spun around while their voice overs shared what they love most about the city. “I’ve always been amazed by the unexpected beauty and joy of New York City,” said Gurung in his show notes. “Every day is its own exciting advertisement in which even the simplest of pleasures feel decadent: flowers from the bodega, morning coffee consumed during rush hour, or the symphony of a taxi ride.”

Victor Glemaud

Based on a taxi-inspired mask that the designer brought out at the end of last year, his fall / winter “Ode to Joy” collection pays homage to the city’s infrastructure: yellow taxis, chain link fences and geometric buildings. And his knitwear collection is just what you’re looking for if you’re out and about in NYC this fall. It’s the comfy yet sexy wardrobe that manages to avoid both sloppy sweatpants and rigid zippers – a huge win.

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