Who’s Nicholas Obeid? Meet New York designer Nicholas Obeid

“I think everyone should live in style,” proclaims Nicholas Obeid. It is an appropriate mentality for a creative to admit that they have long had an appreciation for “every facet of design”.

“One of my earliest memories is that I fell in love with a house we drove past and tried to sketch it,” he recalls. “That same afternoon, I became obsessed with the artwork for the album cover.” Obeid has followed this multimedia approach throughout his adult life: after receiving his BA in Interior Design from Michigan State University and working for another famous creative multi-hyphenator, Jonathan Adler, Obeid started his eponymous company in 2018. He continues to experiment with media such as photography and product design, practices that shape his style and methodology.

“Through years of experimentation with photography, I learned something about light, shapes and shadows,” muses the designer. “My design approach is about telling a story through compelling compositions.”

Obeid’s most recent project is a line with CB2, which includes sculptural furniture, lighting and accessories that show off his artful eye – and enable him to bring his vision to the masses. “I’m inspired by the idea that someone would want a product that I designed,” he says. “It’s fulfilling to know that my work is in front of such a broad audience.” (Shop here!)

Tell us …

What or who has influenced your career the most so far?

My mother. Aside from inheriting her appreciation for the arts from a family full of doctors, she gave me the mental space and confidence to develop my creativity as I grew up, and just as importantly, it gave me the discipline to run a business to lead.

How should your customers feel in their room?

I want them to feel their best, and that means different things to different people.

What or who was your first design crush? Your current design crush?

Pierre Yovanovitch is pretty high on both lists.

What’s your favorite room anywhere and all the time and why?

It is easy. This perfectly layered room was decorated by Fabrizio Casiraghi for French AD. My eye lands on something new every time and I just want to spend all of my time there. The play of scales, the mix of epochs, the tasteful use of strong colors. Perfection.

For under $ 100 – or even free! –Which decoration trick has the greatest influence?

Glue out for scaling. It’s not chic if it doesn’t fit …

What is overrated in decorating?

Use the same current chair or sofa that you see everywhere.

What is underestimated in decorating?

Time. This type of work is a luxury – careful consideration of how to use a space and beautiful, high quality craft goods. The expectation that things will happen quickly is unrealistic and compromising.

Thing to collect: Accent chairs.

Paint color: I had just painted my Benjamin Moore Silver Sage apartment. It’s warm and chalky with green undertones.

Online shop: LiveAuctioneers.com

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