Who’s Eneia White? New York designer Eneia White has rearranged furnishings in her head

Think of her as the Beth Harmon of interior design: “When I fell asleep in my nursery, I rearranged the furniture on the ceiling in my head,” Eneia White recalls of her early creative endeavors. After graduating with a BFA in interior design from the Art Institute of Washington, the Baltimore native trained at a number of firms in DC, New York, and Los Angeles before founding Queens-based Eneia White Interiors in 2018.

That doesn’t mean, however, that her path was completely linear: “I took a break from interior design to travel the world as a flight attendant for 6 months,” reveals White. Although the excursions proved inspiring, I also designed floor plans on the plane, “she recalls,” so I decided to go back to design! ”

Since her return, White has earned a loyal following for her open-minded look behind the scenes of the design world shared through her Instagram and YouTube channels. She’s also a miniature enthusiast – and even designed an entire dollhouse for House Beautiful’s Dollhouse Beautiful series last year. In her large-scale projects, she focuses on making bespoke interiors more accessible: “I like to think that I bridge high-end and affordable design,” she says. “I’m looking for ways to make the average budget look expensive.”

Tell us …

What or who has influenced your career the most so far?

That infamous sneaker wall! The designers I respect most have original ideas and navigate too fresh

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received (from family, mentor, boss?

Always check that the installation works in a house under construction before using the bathroom 🙂

How should your customers feel in their room?

I want my clients to feel that their home is helping them attract the life they want while embracing the life they have.

What or who was your first design crush? Your current design crush?

Current design crush, Zoe Feldman. First design crush, Jamie Drake! I remember discovering a room where he turned pink and fell in love!

For under $ 100 – or even free! – which decoration trick has the greatest influence?

Just say no to grommet curtains. Save your lamps. Fill your pillows with inserts that are 2 “larger than the pillowcase!

What is overrated in decorating?

Sorry black walls. Maybe one day I’ll change my mind, but unless you have extremely natural light, black walls are so heavy! Besides, how can you spot the spiders on the wall ?!

What is underestimated in decorating?

Skip the carpets in the dining rooms. I don’t want to remove spaghetti from the carpet under the dining table. Your dining room will hold its own without a carpet if you design it right!

What’s your favorite – and why?

Paint color: Fucshia!

Artist or work of art: Norman Rockwell pictures attract me every time. He’s so great at telling a story and leaving the viewer to pick up the emotions behind his subjects.

Online shop: https://coteriebrooklyn.com/
I like to shop locally / small when I can. I’ve found that my New York customers appreciate having local handcrafted pieces in their homes too, even if it takes a little longer to produce.

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