White Christmas Snow Wallops Western New York

West New York has had the most snow it has seen overnight in a while.

The Spectrum News crews captured the scene in Niagara Square in downtown Buffalo.

The crews in town wasted no time as they plowed through the night making sure the roads were clear for anyone to travel this morning.

Over in Canalside, the night snow created a picturesque scene that fell perfectly over the Christmas lights on the main bridge. It also included the ship and equipment in Buffalo’s Marine and Military Park.

Public Works Commissioner Michael Finn released a statement Friday morning regarding snow removal operations in the city of Buffalo:

“The Buffalo City plow crews have been out since 8:00 p.m. Christmas Eve. They salt and plow main and secondary lines. The snow is expected to rejuvenate shortly and the plow crews will gradually turn into back streets.
Drivers are asked to use their driving skills on the streets in winter and to follow the parking rules indicated on their side streets to assist with snow removal.

A reminder regarding pick up from sanitary facilities.
Due to the holidays, today’s pick-up will take place tomorrow and, depending on the weather, may continue on Sunday. “

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