What the areas in Dwelling Alone 2: Misplaced in New York now seem like

Rockefeller Plaza wouldn’t be that empty most of the holiday seasons, but I felt just as impressed as McCallister when I looked up at the huge tree in 2018.

Rockefeller Plaza in 2018.

Monica Humphries / Insider

My first winter in New York, I thought it would be fun celebrating the Christmas season and exploring the city’s lights, shop windows, and music, but I immediately regretted visiting Rockefeller Plaza.

The square was full of people and I remember pushing my way through the crowd.

The ongoing pandemic is likely to put some crowds down, but I doubt it will ever be as empty as it was in Home Alone 2.

Earlier this month, the 75-foot-tall spruce tree was placed in front of the Rockefeller, and the tree will have its annual lighting on December 2, which will not be open to the public this year, according to CNN.

Though glad I got it off my bucket list, I don’t feel like going back.

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