Wendy Xiao Schadeck turns into Northzone’s first New York accomplice

Northzone’s new partner, Wendy Xiao Schadeck, is not new to the company – she joined the company in 2015.

Before entering the venture world, Schadeck was a co-founder of the co-working and childcare startup CoHatchery. As a principal of Northzone, she was previously involved in the company’s investments in Spring Health (mental health), 3box (cloud infrastructure), Livepeer (blockchain-based video transcoding) and Magic.link (user authentication).

According to Northzone, Schadeck helped develop the company’s investment theses in the areas of crypto, consumer technology, healthcare, and developer / Web 3.0 infrastructure.

“Wendy has already proven herself through a very insightful industry-oriented thought leadership and cemented our position in the New York ecosystem,” said General Partner Pär-Jörgen Pärson in a statement. “She has defined and redefined an honest, authentic and inspiring dialogue between herself as an investor and the entrepreneurs she supports.”

Schadeck told me that her interests “emerged” in three key areas – “Open Data, Open Finance and Open Community”. And she said that her partner promotion will allow her to work even more closely with founders, an issue that she is “obsessed with”.

“We’ve all seen this VC meme, ‘How can I be helpful?’ and sometimes I accidentally said it literally, “said Schadeck. “But we’re serious: aside from providing capital primarily on good terms, what other dimensions are becoming increasingly important? How can I adapt my approach to provide what the founder needs from me?”

While Schadeck is Northzone’s first New York-based partner (its other partners are in London and Stockholm), she said it will invest outside of the region, albeit with an emphasis in NYC.

“We have tried to take this matrix approach where we have both industries that we look forward to and building expertise and experience and relationships,” she said. “And these relationships with local entrepreneurs are better.”

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