Viggo Mortensen welcomes a “salute” to New York State Leisure

Viggo Mortensen has apologized to the residents of Boonville, New York for Lance Henriksen’s character in “Falling,” who calls the city the “ugliest” city in the state.

In Mortensen’s directorial debut, his father, John Peterson, describes Boonville as “the ugliest city in New York State”, and his father Willis Peterson (Henriksen), who is in the early stages of dementia.

And the “Lord of the Rings” star has admitted that some people living in town may be offended by the remark, but he insists that just because the character doesn’t like Boonville he won’t say that.

He said, “Sorry to Boonville. Sometimes people watch a movie and think, “This guy says all this and that and that must mean the director thinks this or the writer” – in my case, both. But no. Boonville is beautiful. I know really well after spending my youth in the area. It was just one of those random things that got stuck in the head (of the character). Ridiculous…”

He laughed, “The Boonville people will probably get up. But I don’t think so (it’s ugly). That’s the character who thinks that. “

The 62-year-old Danish-American actor insisted that the film be a kind of “greeting to the North Country and New York State”.

He told, “Southern Ontario looks a lot like the other side of the St. Lawrence River.

“Just a landscape that I know, that’s why I put it in this place. I used things that I knew very well. Landscapes, seasons, what things looked like up there in the 60s and 70s: cars, clothes, people, houses, farms and, to a certain extent, what they look like now.

“In an indirect way, it’s a greeting to the North Country and New York State. You will see it when you look at it. “

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