Two Limerick slingers despatched house after an incident in New York

Limerick GAA has confirmed that two members of their Senior Hurling Squad were sent home after an incident in New York.

What follows is the making of a video on social media allegedly showing a panelist engaged in a fight on a New York sidewalk.

It is further alleged that the video was shot by one of his teammates.

In a Limerick GAA statement, “the following media reports were made about an incident in New York”:

“Limerick GAA can confirm that he sent two panelists home from last weekend’s New York Hurling Classic following an incident.

“Limerick GAA expects the highest standards of behavior and exemplary behavior from its players on and off the field and does not tolerate any violations of these standards.

“Disciplinary proceedings have begun and there will be no further comments on the matter.”

The team was in the US for the New York Hurling Classic last weekend, where they were defeated by Kilkenny in the final.

The rest of the squad has now arrived in Ireland.

For those who are currently unable to access our website. The following is the statement that was made during that lunch hour.

– Limerick GAA (@LimerickCLG) November 19, 2019

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