Trump Tower on New York’s Fifth Avenue to scale back safety

Police presence will be reduced once President Donald Trump leaves office on Wednesday, according to a New York Police Department official.

The streets around the skyscraper, which have been blocked since he took office, are likely to reopen and barricades are expected to be removed, according to the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity as plans are still being coordinated with U.S. secret service and security other federal agencies.

A communications center in Trump Tower is no longer needed and is being dismantled, the official added.

Trump Tower has had an increased security presence since Trump won the Republican presidential nomination in the summer of 2016 as it served as the president’s main office and residence, the official said.

The building has been the target of protests by activists, lawmakers and the city itself for years. For example, in July last year New York City painted a large yellow mural on the avenue in front of Trump Tower that read “Black Lives Matter” and spurred Trump on to criticize the phrase as a “symbol of hatred”.

When asked about security changes, NYPD spokeswoman Detective Denise Moroney said they will continue to have a “robust presence” in locations associated with Trump, including Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. After the inauguration, the department will reassess its security presence, she said.

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