Trump makes his option to new life in Florida, marking the top of an period in New York Donald Trump

W.When Donald Trump leaves the White House on January 20, he will reportedly not be returning to his hometown of New York City, but will instead be staying at his home in Mar-a-Lago, South Florida. In fact, Trump officially changed his residence to the so-called Sunshine State in autumn 2019.

Trump’s seemingly permanent withdrawal to a state known for its large numbers of elderly retirees marks the end of an era in New York, the city he grew up in and moved from his suburbs to an icon of saucy Manhattan -Style and Wealth in New York to be 1970s and 1980s.

“He made his presence known on Manhattan Island in the mid-1970s, a brazen Adonis from the outskirts eager to get his imprint on the Golden Rock,” the New York Times reported in 1983. “Donald John Trump indicated A feeling for self-promotion, grandiose plans – and, perhaps not surprisingly, to arouse anger along the way. “

Trump’s conspicuousness arguably embodied the non-excusing financial excesses of the 1980s and beyond, when he stuck his family name on seemingly everything he could get his hands on. There were 17 properties in New York City that bore Trump’s name over time, NBC News reported.

Trump became a tabloid fixture, feeding the newspapers about himself, according to the Hollywood Reporter and other outlets. One of them was the famous cover of the New York Post about his relationship with Marla Maples, who became his second wife. The headline read: “Marla boasts to her friends about Donald: ‘BEST SEX I’ve ever had'”

Trump even made a cameo on Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Macaulay Culkin as star Kevin asks him for directions to the lobby of the Plaza Hotel, which Trump owned at the time.

While Trump’s cultural stamp of approval was bizarre, it had power. Director Chris Columbus said in a December interview with Insider that Trump “bullied his way into the movie” by demanding that he be given a role in exchange for allowing filming to take place on the plaza.

The majority of New Yorkers don’t mourn Trump. They seemed ready for it for a long time.

When the news came that Trump was about to change his residence, Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a statement: “Good release. It’s not like Mr. Trump paid taxes here anyway. It’s yours, Florida. “

Cuomo’s reaction embodied the feelings of many residents. New York is a blue state and the city is even more liberal; Since Trump took office, there have been routine demonstrations against the White House’s policies outside of his homonymous premises.

New Yorkers’ aversion to Trump hit new highs last spring. His government’s mistreatment of the coronavirus was particularly felt in New York City, an early U.S. center of the pandemic. City and state officials asked a seemingly uninterested Trump for help.

“How on earth do you think New York City can get back on its feet without federal support?” Mayor Bill de Blasio said. “Mr. President, are you going to save New York City or are you telling New York City to drop dead?”

Speaking of the coronavirus-triggered financial crisis in September, Cuomo noted, “Trump is actively trying to kill New York City. It’s personal. I think it’s psychological. He tries to kill New York City. “

With so many New Yorkers thinking that, it’s not surprising that Trump and his clan have nothing left for them here except a sea of ​​legal troubles.

De Blasio announced this week that New York City is cutting its contracts with Trump’s company for its involvement in a deadly attack on the Capitol. That means Trump will lose $ 17 million in deals to operate the Central Park Carousel, Wollman and Lasker ice rinks and the Ferry Point golf course in the Bronx, according to ABC News.

Trump’s friends speculate that Trump’s departure from New York City might include his business interests as he dislikes local and state officials, ABC News reported. Meanwhile, the Manhattan District Attorney and Attorney General are investigating Trump’s financial affairs.

Trump’s departure from the White House also means that a civil lawsuit could finally be launched against him here, as he can no longer cite any duties of the president in his efforts to delay the process.

Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner are reportedly not welcomed into New York’s elite circles when they leave Washington. They bought a $ 30 million lot in Miami’s luxurious Indian Creek village.

Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle also move to Florida and watch houses in Jupiter. “There is no way you can stay in New York. They would be tortured in the street, ”a source told the New York Post about Junior’s upcoming move.

As Trump and his family try to build a new life and potential Maga capital in South Florida, the marginalization they faced in New York may follow them to some extent. Ivanka and Kushner may be struggling with the South Florida social scene.

The New York Post quoted a source as saying, “The Indian Creek Country Club members are very picky and the word is that Javanka doesn’t have to apply.”

Even Trump’s appearance on Home Alone 2 has been questioned. Culkin supports social media comments to remove Trump from the film.

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