Titusville Native, New York Jet Safety JT Hassell makes headlines for the “SMILE AGAIN” event on March 13th

The free event takes place from 2pm to 5pm at the Gibson Youth Center

ABOVE VIDEO: Former Florida Tech Panther and now professional soccer player JT Hassell talks about the SMILE AGAIN again! Event for Saturday March 13th in Titusville.

BREVARD COUNTY • TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA – Former Florida Tech Panther and now professional soccer player JT Hassell talks about the SMILE again! Event for Saturday March 13th in Titusville.

This one-day, free event takes place on the soccer fields of the Gibson Youth Center at 835 Sycamore Street in Titusville from 2pm to 5pm.

The event will promote healthy dental hygiene habits, provide information on community resources, and provide freebies.

Participants will receive a free food truck food ticket after attending a 15-minute dentist education presentation (one presentation per hour) hosted by a licensed dentist, Sonya Dunbar, known nationwide as the Geriatric Tooth Fairy -Items.

The event will feature educational presentations, a live DJ, food and ice cream trucks, loot bags for the first 100 attendees, and a kahoot! Contest. CDC guidelines are followed.

All Black CEO / Co-Founder Tara Gibson was inspired to create this event from her personal journey with oral health care.

The organization’s mission is to empower minority communities through partnerships with businesses and well-known sports and entertainment companies to promote healthier lifestyles in the long term.

“The power of a healthy smile is underestimated,” said Gibson.

“It can change a person’s entire attitude to life, strengthen their self-esteem and self-confidence. We want to change the negative narrative by promoting healthier lifestyles, and we believe the first step is daily self-care. “

SPACE COAST DAILY TV: JT Hassell, who was inducted into the Space Coast Sports Hall of Fame in 2019, set Florida tech records for tackles and solo tackles in a game, and was named by both American football coaches to four All-American teams, including space -America First Team Association and the D2CCA, and an All-American team from the Associated Press.

Hassell, a sophomore NFL player with stints in Cleveland, New England and the New York Jets, is a retired Titusville Terrier and War Eagle astronaut who recently wrote “Ups and Downs” and is recording his football trip.

Hassell, a devoted father and co-founder of the Keep Going Foundation, was born with just two fingers on his left hand. Despite all odds, he fulfilled his dream of playing in the NFL.

Hassell supports and advocates for others with similar disabilities through its participation in the Lucky Fin Project. That 2021 off-season, he raised over $ 1,400 for the company through his Instagram platform.

“Working with All Black was a breeze,” said Hassell, a native of Titusville.

“I grew up here and regardless of my NFL success, I always wanted to do my part to inspire people to lead healthier lives. Self care is so important; It is the gateway to personal success. “Smiling is contagious and can change your entire mood. This is a great way to help people regain their confidence, especially during these times. “

To donate or volunteer for the event, contact Gibson at 386-451-5678 or visit allblackab.com


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