This New York state off-the-grid cabin is the right place to disconnect for the weekend

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Tired of scrolling through your phone all the time? Tucked away in 22 acres of land is a secluded cabin where you can really get away from it all, and yes, you have to put your phone down (although this is what you want for those views!). For the latest in our Dream Rentals series from House Beautiful, we sent host Kirby Porterfield to the Bovina Center in New York to give you a glimpse into an off-grid cabin.

In 2007 the owners built the cabin as a refuge for their family. As the name suggests, the house has neither WiFi nor running water or electricity. But don’t worry – it contains all the essentials you need for a comfortable stay. The owners provide plenty of water jugs, candles and kitchen utensils. There is also an indoor fireplace, heater, and outdoor solar lights. There’s also a solar phone charger, and the owner notes that your phone is likely under maintenance. If you absolutely must use your phone, here is what you can do.

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The one bedroom cabin has an open floor plan with a fully functional kitchen (with a huge collection of tea!) And an inviting living room. The cozy house receives a lot of natural light thanks to all the windows, most of which are from a nearby barn. The couch in the living room is in front of the largest window in the house, from which you have a breathtaking view of mountains and trees. A welcoming place to relax, the cabin is filled with personalized items to make you feel at home, from guitar to piles of books.

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The two decks of the house are great for getting some fresh air while enjoying the view. In front of the entrance there is a terrace with a table and chairs. The bedroom opens to the other deck which has two chairs and a grill. Outside you will also find a hammock, campfire site, and hiking trails around the property for you to explore.

Would you like to relax in this secluded cabin for a weekend? Book a stay on Airbnb for prices starting at $ 165 per night.

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