The used $ 20 million Volvo V70 includes the New York vanity top “New York”

Considered the world’s most expensive Volvo car, a dark blue New York-based V70 is currently selling for $ 20 million (and likely will be for some time to come). However, it is not the car that makes selling it special. It’s the New York state vanity that says “NEW YORK”.

The ad does list a Volvo, but doesn’t even mention the year, mileage, or model, and the photos still have a fresh sheen of road salt. Custom panels are big business in some parts of the world. It should also be noted that the tops are of a newer design rather than the original 1970 edition. In New York, vanity tops can be upgraded to new designs for a small fee.

According to the listing on the Du Pont Register, the current owner of the record suggested that her father bought the record in the 1970s. It was then that New York offered personalized plates for the first time. Surprisingly, this had not yet been claimed, allowing the family to drive around for four decades with the words “New York, New York” on their government-issued vehicle registration document.

While the ad claims the plate, replicas of which are sold in souvenir shops across the Big Apple, is transferable to any vehicle, we have our doubts. The best we can say is that New York license plates don’t stay in the car. The Empire State requires that you hand in your license plates when you sell your car unless you plan to transfer them to a new car.

However, according to the New York DMV, the transfer can only take place if the names are the same on both registrations. You can’t even transfer the plate to your spouse. The same rules apply to personalized plates. If you sell a car with a vanity without an immediate replacement, you can keep the personalized sign with the New York DMV and use it again later. However, nowhere does it say the sign can be transferred. In fact, the DMV says: “The new owner must apply for a new vehicle registration, vehicle registration number and certificate of ownership. The new owner does not use either the vehicle registration number or the registration number of the previous owner.”

As our own Joe Lorio put it, “Whoever buys this Volvo may just have a very expensive used Volvo car.”

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