The rise in gasoline prices is slowing on West New York local news

BATAVIA – The average gasoline price rose 1 cent last week in Batavia.

The AAA’s average price per gallon was $ 2.85. By comparison, the average price in Buffalo rose 1 cent to $ 2.85, while the price in Rochester rose 2 cents to $ 2.89.

The average price in Syracuse rose 2 cents to $ 2.87 per gallon, according to the AAA.

The national average price for a gallon of gasoline was $ 2.88 last week. That number was higher than the previous week, compared to $ 2.14 last year.

The average price in New York was $ 2.91 a gallon.

Increased gasoline inventories and a decline in demand have helped slow the rise in prices, according to the AAA. Total domestic gas supplies increased while demand decreased slightly.

Gas prices continue to rise, but if the trends continue, prices will rise more slowly than Americans have seen since the beginning of the month. Crude oil prices are surging on market concerns that demand could stumble as some countries reintroduce coronavirus restrictions to contain growing infection rates.

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