The People of New York submit goes viral after daughter reveals her mother made movies for her to observe when she hits grownup milestones

Although this mother passed away years ago, she still gives her children advice about life – in the form of recorded videos.

Karen Richardson died of stomach cancer before her children finished high school, but her now-grown daughter has revealed that her mother left them some memorabilia.

In a viral post about Humans of New York, daughter Kailey Weiss revealed the advice she has received from her late mother over the years.

“She recorded videos for the big moments in our lives: graduation, our 21st birthday, our wedding, our first child,” said Ms. Weiss in the post that went viral on both Instagram and Facebook.

These were videos Karen left behind. Photo credit: Facebook

“Over the years these videos have become so valuable to me.”

The videos aren’t very long, but Weiss said that in the short amount of time, her mother still managed to examine the details of the stage of life she was in in the video.

“She opens each (video) with a greeting,” Ms. Weiss continued.

“She will congratulate me on the phase of life I have just met. And say how sad she is not to be there.

“Then she will give me some advice. It’s very personal.

“She will say, ‘I know you struggle with X, Y and Z, so always remember that.'”

Kailey with her mother Karen when she was a child. Photo credit: Facebook

Ms. Weiss is well into adulthood, but she knows that there is still a video and a milestone left that she has not yet reached.

“Since I got married two years ago, I have known there is one video left. And it has always given me comfort – knowing it was there, ”she said.

It was the milestone to have their first child.

As a result, it was “bittersweet” when she had her own daughter on June 27, 2020.

“My husband and I saw the last video together,” wrote Ms. Weiss.

Left: Comparison of Karen and Kelsey when they were both pregnant with their first children. Right: Kailey with her young daughter, born last year. Photo credit: Facebook.

“It was more difficult than I expected. She was sicker than the other videos. She spoke very slowly, ”the contribution continued.

“She talked about how I loved babies as a child. And she said she wish she could be there to cuddle my baby. She talked about my childhood – where I struggled and where I excelled.

“And she concluded by saying, ‘Love and encourage your babies. They grow up quickly. So hug her. And pray for her. ‘ And that was it.”

Ms. Weiss said for years that she dreaded this moment because it felt like she had to finally say goodbye to her mother.

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