The New York senator’s daughter told Asian Americans to return to China in a racist manner

The suspect, wanted in a New York cab for some ugly, racist rant, has come forward, and her identity is as shocking as the hatred she spat out.

Senator’s daughter identified as suspect of racist ranting in NYC

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Maria Ha, 25, and 31-year-old Dan Lee say they were verbally abused on the street in Kips Bay and are expected to return to China on Sunday by an unknown woman.

The question so many have asked – where is this woman from? And who is she?

Eyewitness News traced her face mask back to a performing arts theater in Woodstock.

Her website had posts from people who claimed to know the suspect and said they would “never speak to her again”.

Multiple sources close to the investigation confirmed to Eyewitness News that it was the suspect.

By Tuesday, she had deleted her social media accounts and several calls and emails to her went unanswered.

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Some family members would not bring us in contact with her either. Eyewitness News even tried to reach her at her home.

It turns out she lives near where the incident occurred on Sunday, on 22nd and First Avenue.

She is a neighbor with her victims, but she is no ordinary neighbor. Her name is Maura Moynihan, the daughter of the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

She admitted to Eyewitness News on Wednesday that she is the woman featured in the video.

She was spotted at the Moynihan Train Hall unveiling back in January.

In a statement, Moynihan called the dispute a misunderstanding, saying, “It had nothing to do with bias, racism, or anti-Asian American prejudice, as was falsely suggested.”

She says it was an argument about a taxi and denies making racist statements.

“I have devoted most of my life to working with and for Asians, particularly ensuring basic human rights for the Tibetan people in their ongoing struggle against communist China,” said Moynihan.

However, when confronted by the victim’s husband, she did not deny hurling a racist remark.

“Just because she’s done all of these things in the past doesn’t justify what she said,” Lee said.

Moynihan goes on to say she would like to meet with the couple to explain.

“What she said wasn’t an apology. We don’t accept her behavior at all, so I don’t want to meet her,” said Ha. “Why should I meet her?”

“This is extremely hurtful. As for me personally, I have been born in the United States my whole life and it is seriously insulting to be told to leave this country and return to communist China,” said Lee. “I was born here, this is my home.”

Police say the investigation is active and ongoing.


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