The New York Restaurant Affiliation requires indoor eating in NYC to be reopened, later curfew as different cities loosen up restrictions

Sylvia’s restaurant owner and member of New York’s Forward Rewarding Advisory Board Tren’ness Woods-Black discusses Governor Cuomo’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the restaurant industry.

As more states and cities reopen indoor dining rooms, New York restaurateurs are urging officials to do the same.

The New York State Restaurant Association is urging Governor Andrew Cuomo to allow limited indoor dining and to extend a 10 p.m. (12 noon) curfew on restaurants in New York City, especially before the Super Bowl, which many bars and restaurants are urgent to do visit rely on profit.

The New York State Restaurant Association, which represents thousands of restaurants, is calling on state officials to ease restrictions on indoor dining after cities like Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington, DC reopen to indoor use. (iStock).

The New York State Restaurant Association (NYSRA), which represents thousands of restaurants, said in a press release that changes to state restrictions “will allow restaurants in New York City to do more business and enable upstate restaurants to Offering an additional service not available under the current curfews. “

“We all know about the serious financial crisis in the hospitality industry. And we all agree that we have to reopen the economy, otherwise there is nothing left to open. We urge the state to take a few small steps in this direction. Any help will go a long way towards the long-term survival of so many of our favorite restaurants, ”said Melissa Fleischut, NYSRA President and CEO, in a statement.

Cuomo announced Monday that New York will begin making “adjustments” to the food restrictions imposed by COVID-19. However, eating indoors in NYC is still not on the table.


“Indoor dining in New York City is a New York City-specific requirement and we are not considering any changes at this time,” said Cuomo.

Restaurant owners argue that bars and restaurants in New York state were the cause of just 1.4 percent of the COVID-19 cases spread between October and December 2020. However, according to New York, the Big Apple’s dense population is fueling the potential spread of the virus.


Still, some cities like Chicago, Washington DC, and Philadelphia have reopened dining rooms in recent weeks.

The restaurants in Philly were allowed to be open from January 16 with a 25% capacity and safety precautions for indoor meals. Restaurants in Chicago and the neighboring suburbs were allowed to reopen for indoor use on Saturday after Governor JB Pritzker gave the official go-ahead and invited customers to dine in the dining rooms again after more than two months. In Washington, DC, indoor dining resumed Friday after Mayor Muriel Bowser lifted the ban that was scheduled to end on January 15. In the Baltimore area, indoor and outdoor dining resumed on Friday, with indoor and outdoor dining at 25% capacity at 50% capacity, with Baltimore based FOX 45 customers having a one hour time limit for respect their seating.


Restaurants across the country continue to struggle with lost revenue as a result of the pandemic. The National Restaurant Association’s State of the Industry report showed that restaurant and foodservice sales declined by $ 240 billion in 2020 from $ 899 billion, and food and beverage sales nearly closed in 2020 2.5 million jobs before the pandemic.

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