The New York Meeting Adopts the Environmental Invoice of Rights

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – On Monday, the New York State Assembly passed A.1368 / S.528, an act that adds the following sentence to Article 1 of the state constitution:

Everyone has the right to clean air and water and a healthy environment.

Environment Bill of Rights

This language is intended to anchor the right of the individual to participate in a healthy, functioning natural ecosystem. Environmentalists consider this an important step in bringing proceedings against polluters who would encroach on such rights. A.1368 / S.528 is referred to as the “Green Amendment”, part of an “Environmental Bill of Rights”.

The Senate passes the “Environmental Bill of Rights”

The bill is sponsored by the Chairman of the Congregation Environmental Protection Committee, Steve Englebright, and Senator Robert Jackson. Englebright, chairman of the Environmental Conservation Committee, said, “All New Yorkers should have clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and healthy surroundings to live and work in. As the pandemic has clearly shown, our economy and our health are clearly closely linked. “

The New York Senate passed the bill in January, and it previously passed both the Senate and the Assembly in 2019. Now it is prepared to run into the November general election. If voted, New York would be the third state after Pennsylvania and Montana to categorize environmental rights as well as political and civil liberties such as freedom of speech and religion.

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“The second passage in this historic law, which will critically amend our constitution, should be celebrated and commemorated by communities, attorneys, and attorneys who have advocated environmental justice for decades,” said Melissa Iachán, senior supervising counsel for the New Yorkers environmental justice program Public Interest Lawyers. “This gives environmental racism advocates an important new tool in our toolbox to support disadvantaged communities in the fight for justice. We hope that by arming the people of New York State with this explicit right, all levels of government and other state decision makers will proactively take a more holistic and preventive approach when making decisions that affect overburdened color communities. “

Iachán’s was one of over 70 environmental organizations that recently sent the following letter to lawmakers in support of the measure:

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