The New York attorney general takes legal action against the work of Cohoe Norlite

The move comes after Norlite’s management refuses to adhere to DEC’s terms and conditions.

Norlite has been in the spotlight since a FOIL request revealed it was one of the few places working with the Department of Defense to burn AFFF, a toxic fire fighting foam that is no longer used due to its links to cancer.

DEC officials revealed the results of their soil and water study on chemical contamination of PFAS in the areas around Norlite.

They said that although some amounts of these chemical compounds were found in the samples, there was no clear link to Norlite and no risk to humans in the area.

David Bond, a professor at Bennington College who had previously tested soil and water in his own preliminary study, had something to say about this.

“When I hear you are what you are saying, you have not tested all of the potential AFFF incomplete combustion by-products, and I wonder why the term comprehensive study was an appropriate title for your report and the subtitle with no clear links between omissions in PFAS levels, ”Bond asked.

DEC officials have also been asked to shut down Norlite for willingness to violate government permits. A spokesman said they therefore involved the AG’s office at this stage and committed to holding Norlite accountable.

Commissioner Basil Segos published this statement on Wednesday afternoon:

“On March 16, DEC initiated formal enforcement proceedings against Norlite after ongoing monitoring of this facility documented multiple violations and unacceptable conditions that resulted in dust impacts on the surrounding community. As part of this enforcement process, DEC called on Norlite to address the ongoing violations and to immediately cease any unauthorized activity that could result in dust being illegally leaked from the facility. Because Norlite’s management has not consented to DEC’s enforcement provisions, DEC has referred the matter to the Attorney General’s office for the matter to be prosecuted on behalf of New York State. DEC will continue our full efforts to increase accountability in the facility, respond to concerns, assess appropriate penalties for violations, and keep the community informed. “

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