The Day – The New York Times has its sights set on a $ 100 billion game market

The New York Times is under pressure to turn its back on the news. Hence, the company is looking for games to keep its momentum going. It is planned to invest more money than ever in games and puzzles. To mark its ambitions, the company recently hired Jonathan Knight, who worked for Zynga Inc., developing popular online games like Words With Friends and FarmVille. He brings the digital know-how that the Times may have lacked with traditional crossword puzzles, gurus like Will Shortz. Knight’s job is to help the Times come up with new brain teasers – beyond current offerings like Spelling Bee, which tests how many words can be made up of seven letters, and a bite-sized crossword puzzle called Mini. His team plans to hire more people in engineering, design, production and other creative functions. Knight describes games as dessert at the end of a meal and calls them “a healthy distraction from the news”. This proved right during the pandemic, when millions of people were stuck at home looking for new ways to pass their time. More than 28 million people played one of the Times’ games last year, up 16% year over year.

– Bloomberg News

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