The day – New York once more, New York. We are able to hardly wait!

This editorial appeared in the New York Daily News.

It is unnatural for the city that never sleeps to take a nap for months, so we can’t wait to get up, have a bodega coffee and get back into the swing of things. The arrival of the New Year heralds vaccines, sensible leadership in Washington, DC, and hopefully soon the chance to get back to some of our favorite things to do.

When it’s safe again, we look forward to “being too busy to talk” because we have something to do that doesn’t work. We want to go to the cinema. We want to see a jazz trumpeter sweating his way through a solo. We want to see a young comedian die on stage.

We want to see the show in the morning and hear people praising God in church on Sundays and in synagogue on Saturdays.

We want to personally hollow out the Knicks and Mets and Jets.

We want to overpay for an overrated hamburger. We want to dress up to go out. We want to sit close enough to strangers to overhear bad first dates.

We want to stay outside until the last call when it’s lawful 4 a.m. again. We want to get to work the next day foggy and sluggish.

We want to send the children to school, where they stay all day five days a week.

When it’s safe again, we want the museum galleries to be full of people pretending to understand the art. We want to face the insane chaos of a dozen parades, street fairs, and block parties.

We want to moan about the traffic on the way to the airport and lose our breath when we see the skyline through the windows on the last descent.

We want to hug our parents. We want to see your scowl, grin and one day we pray, your broad and exposed smile.

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