‘The Crown’: The Actual Story Behind Princess Diana’s New York Tour in 1989

  • In February 1989, Princess Diana flew to New York City on her first solo overseas tour amid personal turmoil.
  • Within three days, Diana met New York’s rich and famous, as well as the less privileged, and cemented her reputation as a compassionate and modern queen.
  • Highlights of Diana’s trip included a visit to the Henry Street Settlement, a social services program, and the moment she hugged a 7-year-old AIDS patient in Harlem Hospital.
  • The journey has come back into focus as one of the key storylines in season four of Netflix’s “The Crown”.
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Warning: spoilers ahead for season four of Netflix’s “The Crown”.

In 1989, 27-year-old Princess Diana found herself between two worlds: public worship and private conflict.

After seven years of marriage, her relationship with Prince Charles was on the rocks. Both had entered into extramarital affairs: Prince Charles with Camilla and Diana with her riding instructor, Captain James Hewitt.

Diana “was the love object of all people in the world except her husband […] In her mid-twenties she found herself confronted with something that made her terrifying: a fairytale marriage that had cooled to an arrangement, “wrote Georgina Howell of Vanity Fair in 1988.

This moment is central to the fourth season of Netflix’s “The Crown”. The latest season of the hit series, released on November 15, portrays the life of the British monarchy from 1979 to 1990.

Episode 10, “War,” shows Diana, played by actress Emma Corrin, taking a three-day solo tour to New York City in March 1989 to establish her independence and promote causes that raise her amid the turmoil Loved home.

Here’s how the tour happened in real life and a review of photos.

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