The Case for Shower Glass Treatment Application

By now we have all been brought up to speed regarding the popularity of shower glass enclosures.  In fact, updated bathrooms, in general, have become a top priority among home renovation enthusiasts.  However, be mindful that while clear glass showers provide improved aesthetics to the bathroom, keeping up with the maintenance of battling hard water stains and soap scum is time-consuming and can become an eyesore if not addressed.

Since most shower enclosures are exposed on a daily basis to hard water and body oils, they naturally become more prone to staining.  As such, the shower enclosure industry in general is embracing technology that can help maintain the clarity of their popular glass installations.

While there are numerous low-maintenance products on the market, one of the most popular glass coating solutions is known as hydrophobic coating. This type of coating repels water resulting in fewer drops (along with the associated minerals) adhering to the glass which lessens stains. This type of shower glass treatment coating also makes stain removal easier which cuts down on the time required for cleaning and creates a more sanitary environment.  Interestingly enough, in terms of the environmental impact, this also reduces the number of pollutants that will be carried down the drain and eventually into the water supply.

Keep in mind that updated bathrooms are a great investment as they provide long-lasting value when it comes time to sell your home.  Remember, more than likely you have chosen a glass shower enclosure to show off the beautiful tile or stonework within it and to give off that bright, airy, polished look.  So, by keeping your glass clean and stain-free with a glass treatment you will improve the overall appearance of the luxury bathroom you have worked so hard to obtain.

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