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Good Morning. Tejal Rao went deep into the nation’s mania for Birria this week, with a lovely and thoughtful account of the court’s history and current Instagram star status. Three recipes accompany the article. The most important for the stew itself, Birria de Res, and there are two more that make use of it: Quesabirria Tacos (above) and Birria Ramen. I urge you to cook them – and also try Pati Jinich’s recipe for Birria Tacos. The Birria lifestyle is delicious.

So it is with what you do, what David Tanis tells you to do and make a full meal out of his recommendations. This week this means a wild mushroom cake, fried scallops with a spicy carrot coulis and, for dessert, dark chocolate mousse with candied ginger. Fancy!

If you’re going in a completely different direction, it’s too late to use it for your Super Bowl feast, but a no-recipe recipe for Buffalo Chicken Wings can come in handy if you have the Australian Open or Alpine Skiing this week. Want to see world championships. As my buddy Brent points out, too many people who miss their wing recipes are making them more than they should be.

Instead, toss a few chicken wings in neutral oil, aggressively salt them, and toast them in a 425 degree oven (on a rack over a baking sheet, if you have one!) Until they are crispy, browned and cooked through. This can take 30 minutes or more. While frying, melt a large piece of butter and stir in a hot sauce. Buffalo rules call for Franks, but I like Texas Pete too. Put this mixture in a large bowl and tip the wings in. Toss and toss and toss and serve, with sliced ​​carrots and celery and – sue me – a bowl of ranch dressing. That’s it.

Hope you will soon be making this new recipe for fried fish with kale and leek and this one for farro and lentil with jam onion. And have you caught up with this cheesy baked pasta with sausage and ricotta? “Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, minute for minute,” wrote a subscriber under the recipe, “this is the most delicious recipe on NYT. Do it exactly as directed.”

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Now it has nothing to do with bullet or jam and it gets very detailed about chords, but Nile Rodgers, who tells the story of how he arranged “Let’s Dance” for David Bowie, is absolutely fascinating. So the song from the Serious Moonlight Tour in 1983 turned out to be.

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