The actor goes viral for dressing up as a life-size “pizza rat” in New York Metropolis

There’s a new “pizza rat” in town and it’s called Buddy the Rat. The life-size rodent brings joy back to public spaces – in the best possible way in New York City.

Jonothon Lyons is the artist and actor behind the massive rat head and matching brown jumpsuit. He started wearing the outfit in public spaces after being spotted in the ensemble by a TikTok user.

“I was just doing a movie with director Todd Strauss-Schulson (Isn’t It Romantic, The Final Girls, Harold and Kumar 3) and someone’s video of us shooting on the street went viral, so I started walking around alone and rattling around, “Lyons told In The Know.

The actor has since playfully terrorized city visitors. In an Instagram video, Buddy the Rat crawled into a subway on all fours. He was sitting across from a man who, in true New York fashion, had completely forgotten about the giant rat across from him when he checked his phone.

Buddy’s mask clearly doubles as nice protective gear as it covers Lyon’s entire head (although he sometimes rocks a proper mask underneath). But the pandemic looms in the background of his videos as he crosses a city that just feels emptier.

“[The outbreak] was really devastating. I was about to attend rehearsals for Madama Butterfly at the Metropolitan Opera when the ban came, ”Lysons said. “Part of what I’m really doing now is putting live performances on the streets as I can’t ask people to gather in a theater.”

In another clip, Buddy was dragging a huge slice of pizza up the subway stairs with his teeth. Awesome passers-by couldn’t help but stop to take photos and video.

The story goes on

Ultimately, Buddy is about having a ton of fun for the outdoor audience.

“Buddy loves the attention,” said Lyons. “All he ever wanted is to travel the world and make people smile. Thanks to the internet, he seems to make the world smile. I hope when people meet Buddy they feel a little brighter for a moment. “

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The Post actor goes viral for dressing up as the life-size “pizza rat” in New York City who first appeared on In The Know.

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