The 21 Membership in New York is closing indefinitely because of a pandemic

NEW YORK (AP) – The famous 21 Club in Midtown Manhattan, a favorite of celebrities and the power elite for …

NEW YORK (AP) – Midtown Manhattan famous 21 Club, popular with celebrities and the power elite for nine decades, is closing indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic, but owners are optimistic about reopening at some point.

The restaurant owners announced the closure of the city on Wednesday and announced that all 148 employees would be laid off on March 9th.

The news comes that indoor dining in New York restaurants will be banned again starting Monday in an attempt to stop the virus from resurrecting. However, takeaway and al fresco meals are still allowed.

“At this early stage, we are not ready to announce a final concept or time frame,” the restaurant said in a statement. “But the vision is that 21 Club will always remain a major social and cultural hub and icon of New York City, well positioned to fulfill its role in the city’s exciting future when the time comes.”

The restaurant has been closed since last March during the first wave of the pandemic because eating inside was banned.

The 21 Club has been a favorite place for presidents since Franklin D. Roosevelt’s day. Shortly after the 2016 elections, then-President-elect Donald Trump broke protocol by leaving his Trump Tower residence without taking his press contingent to eat at the restaurant.

John Steinbeck, Ernest Hemingway and Frank Sinatra had favorite tables when they were 21, and Humphrey Bogart suggested Lauren Bacall there. It appeared in films that ranged from the 1950 Bette Davis classic “All About Eve” to 1987 Wall Street.

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