That is the favourite sandwich in NY, Meals & Wine says: What do you suppose?

To celebrate lunch, Food & Wine Magazine published a list of the best sandwiches in each state.

And in a move that adds to the acumen of the list, they didn’t try to tell which restaurant serves the best sandwich in New York – that debate may never be settled.

Can you imagine what the best sandwich in New York is?

What makes a sandwich the “best” in any state, according to Food & Wine, is the icon of the food. Optical attractiveness, trends and availability were not taken into account. Also not allowed on the list: burgers, hot dogs, burritos, tacos and barbecues. Just sandwich legends, the magazine said.

New York is known for several sandwiches – the Reuben, chopped cheese, overcrowded deli sandwiches, and bagels and salmon.

But New York’s best sandwich, according to Food & Wine, is the thickly sliced, hot pastrami on rye.

The magazine will send you to Katz’s Delicatessen on East Houston Street to try one of the best and most authentic New York pastramis on rye, but people here know that there are excellent lobster rolls available all over the state.

The many places that serve delicious hot pastrami on rye sandwiches include David’s Brisket House and Deli in Brooklyn, Barney Green Grass on Amsterdam Avenue, Liebman’s Kosher Deli in the Bronx, SE Port Deli in Setauket, Kitty Hoynes Irish Pub and Restaurant in Syracuse and Ragonese Italian imports in Albany.

In other nearby states, Food & Wine said the top sandwiches are:

  • Massachusetts – Clam Roll is a grilled, buttery hot dog bun filled with tender, fried clams and served with a tartar and lemon sauce.
  • Vermont – Jambon Beurre (which means “ham butter”) is a fine ham on a crispy, toasted, buttered baguette.
  • Connecticut-style lobster rolls – made with sweet butter instead of mayonnaise.

To see what the top sandwiches are in other staters, visit the story at Food & Wine online.

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