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No, no, they don’t. And this is one of the lesser known and less admirable facets of the suffrage movement. Overall, they are really moving away from promoting black civil rights, black suffrage. At this point in time, even black men in the South were being denied the right to vote despite the 15th amendment because of Jim Crow. And the women’s movement, at least among white women, isn’t really into that …

Even after the amendment in 1920, black women did not get the right to vote until 1965 with the Suffrage Act, or they could only access the right to vote in greater numbers, as black men and women were denied the right to vote in the Jim Crow South.

A milestone in women’s suffrage was a parade of thousands of supporters in Washington DC in 1913, the day before Woodrow Wilson’s inauguration as president. They say this kicked off a new surge in the franchise movement that has stalled.

At this point, two college graduates, Alice Paul and Lucy Burns, get involved. And they shift the focus of the movement a little more radically. They are the ones who organize the parade. After Wilson becomes president, they also host protests outside the White House …

They protest in 1917, shortly after the US became involved in World War I. Wilson’s big push for US entry into World War I was that we would make the world safe for democracy. So the women protesting outside the White House are saying, “Mr. President, you are trying to make the world safe for democracy. Well, expand democracy to include the women in your own country who are supporting this war effort.” And that gets the President’s attention, and it’s really not long after this type of tactic that the amendment is taken up again in Congress.

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