Skier rescued after dangling from a chairlift in Upstate New York ski resort

A female skier was caught by rescue workers on January 3 at Bristol Mountain Ski Resort in Canandaigua, New York, after getting off a chairlift and dangling from her jacket.

Jacklyn Hoch was at the ski resort when she recorded this tense moment.

“I was about to queue for the chairlift when I saw the person dangling,” she said. “I think they hung there for a little over two minutes.”

Hoch told Storyful that the incident was scary, but the resort’s ski patrol was quick to get the person through.

The skier dangles from the chairlift before slowly slipping out of her jacket and falling into the safety tarpaulin stretched out below.

Bristol Mountain told Spectrum News that in a situation like this there are tarps like the one the skier has fallen into on every chairlift. The ski resort is planning an internal investigation into the incident, Spectrum News reported.

Storyful reached out to Bristol Mountain for comment but received no response at the time of writing. Photo credit: Jacklyn High About Storyful

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