See how NY ranks among the best and worst states for women

In 2021, the world is still working on gender equality, which means that even in the US, some places are “better” than others for women.

A new study looked at gender equality and ranked the 50 states and Washington DC from best to worst for women.

Gender equality is the idea that men and women should be treated equally regardless of their gender. This ideal has not yet been observed in metrics such as salary, management positions, access to health care and violence, among others.

To determine which states are best and which are worst for women, WalletHub examined 26 indicators, including the standard of living, median income, accessibility to health care, and the homicide rate of women.

The best state for women, according to WalletHub, is Minnesota, where women’s social and economic well-being, health and safety are well established.

According to the study, New York is the 16th best state women can live in. The state ranked well, despite having one of the lowest median incomes for women in the nation. Still, New York has the third highest life expectancy for women at birth and the fifth lowest homicide rate for women in the United States.

The worst state in the nation for women is Mississippi, followed by Alabama and Arkansas.

Visit to read the full study and see how Massachusetts compares to other states.

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