Rosamond Gifford Zoo chooses the animal identify “I Love New York”

New baby animals at Rosamond Gifford Zoo include a Sichuan takin calf named Windsor, baby goats named Troy, Verona and Ithaca, and a baby lamb named Mumford.

If this sounds like a topic, here it is: The zoo’s animal care staff selected I Love New York as their guide for naming newcomers to the zoo this spring and summer. Zoo keepers name all new animals after New York state cities.

The idea for a naming theme started last year when zookeepers used “The Land Before Time” films to name newcomers during the zoo’s dinosaur invasion! Exhibit. This theme led to 15 animals named after “Land Before Time” characters – including the snow leopard babies Ozzy and Strut and the red panda babies Loofah and Doofah.

“Our zookeepers had so much fun with the dinosaur theme that they wanted to do a different theme this year,” said zoo director Ted Fox. “So far they’ve picked all of the names of Upstate New York, but depending on how many newcomers we have, we might name an animal in Manhattan or Brooklyn by the end of summer.”

In addition to Windsor, the baby takin, the zoo has seven San Clemente Island baby goats with New York place names – Troy, Verona, Savannah, Elmira, Sidney, Ithaca, and Hamilton. A male Black Welsh Mountain lamb born last month is named Mumford and a female born this week is Aurora. The zoo also has a locally endangered rattlesnake from east of Massasauga named Cicero as it is native to the Cicero Swamp.

Ryan McMahon, Executive of Onondaga County, endorsed the idea of ​​locating zoo animal names and honoring the great state of New York. McMahon said, “New York is a huge and diverse state with a rich history. It’s great that we can help be part of this story by naming our new baby animals after different locations. McMahon continued, “I encourage everyone to check out our amazing zoo and the great work that is done there every day!”

The Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse is an accredited member of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums. Follow the zoo at for the latest information on zoo animals and events all year round.

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