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Today is a big day for all of us bike path nerds at Streetsblog, because at 11:15 am, Governor Cuomo will personally give us (and probably those anti-bike path trolls like Marcia Kramer) a preview of the new bike on the soon to be pedestrian path to be opened second span of Kosciuszko Bridge.

Some news reporters had trouble spelling the surname of the Polish general who was honored with the bridge, but our old editor spent most of Monday saying, “I worked with Corky Siemaszko and Joe Dziemianowicz on the Daily News, so ‘Kosciuszko’ is no big deal. “(He even pronounced it” Kah-SHUZ-ko “.)

Editor Gersh Kuntzman and reporter Julianne Cuba are likely to live tweet every inch of the gorgeous view and every time Cuomo mentions how awesome he is. Until then, here’s the news from yesterday:

  • A Must of the Day: Justin Davidson offered a piercing rebuke for anything wrong with New York City transportation in a tight package. (NY Mag)
  • It was apparently a day of chaos in Central Park where one cyclist allegedly hit a pedestrian (and seriously injured himself), another cyclist hit a cyclist, and a third cyclist fell off the phone while on the phone. As they said on Hill Street Blues, let’s be careful out there (NYDN). Thankfully, CBS2 avoided it, as it usually does.
  • A broken track on train 7 wrecked virtually all of the morning commutes from Western Queens. (NY Post)
  • Councilor Rafael Espinal and Brooklyn District President Eric Adams on Monday called for the MTA to finally move elevators to busy Broadway Junction Station (NYDN). Then, sure enough, later in the day, the MTA said it would make the main exchange fully accessible under the still-secret Five-Year Capital Plan (amNY).
  • Like Streetsblog, Gothamist posted a post about another pedestrian who was killed on Coney Island Avenue.
  • The owner of the floating poster company fired back in a Daily News (no, not a Gothamist!).
  • Man in a clown costume rides the subway. Slow News Day, NY Post?
  • Still no news of the rebuilding debacle on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. (Braked)
  • Fresh from his squeaker appearance on City & State’s Brooklyn Power 100 list, our editor was asked to make an offer to analyze the outlet this week as to why cyclist deaths are getting so much attention. (City-state)
  • And finally, Streetsblog USA legend Angie Schmitt explained to the world what cities can do to help cyclists on NPR’s 1A show.

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