Reset sparta accu

Resetting your sparta accu works as follows. You can easily do this yourself. We explain in detail how this works: Make sure your battery is fully charged. Turn on your electric bike. Press and hold the on / off button on the display for at least 20 seconds. You will notice that the front and rear lamps will flash very quickly in succession. This means that the reset has been completed. The bicycle battery now shows the correct filling level again.

If you have a revised BionX bicycle battery, the capacity is often increased and the battery indicator does not correspond to reality. This must be programmed manually after revision. We carry out this adjustment in the software as standard during revision. Do you have problems with an incorrect display of the display. Then contact us.

Sparta electric bicycle problems
Unfortunately, this Sparta electric bicycle has problems. Problems that are mainly due to the battery of the e-bike. The Sparta has delivered different types of models in recent years. The ion line. But also e-motion, b-series and they also use the Bosch system.

Resetting the Sparta Ion battery is possible in a number of cases at the dealer. What can sometimes help is to remove the green fuse at the bottom of the battery for 10 minutes. (The Ion frame battery from sparta). It is important to leave the display in place. If this does not help, it is usually necessary to replace the battery of the Sparta.

If you have another model Sparta battery, the battery can be reset by completely discharging the battery. The battery is only empty when the display is off and the support has completely disappeared. If you repeat this at least 5 times, the display would correspond better to reality.

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