Priyanka Chopra opens a new restaurant in New York City

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Priyanka Chopra announced that she will be opening a new restaurant called SONA later this month, which will serve Indian food in New York City.

She made the announcement on her Instagram by showing off part of the sign that was already hanging outside the restaurant area at 36 East 20th Street in the city’s Flatiron District. Priyanka described it as “a new restaurant in NYC that I poured my love for Indian food into. SONA is the embodiment of timeless India and the flavors I grew up with.” Priyanka also revealed that the menu was created by Chef Hari Nayak. Although she didn’t give a specific date, Priyanka said you can expect SONA to open its doors later this month.

It seems that the restaurant has been in the works for quite a while. Priyanka shared additional photos in the mail showing when she and her team (as well as husband Nick Jonas) gathered in 2019 to bless the room.

“The second and third photos were taken in September 2019 when we were doing a small intimate puja (prayer ceremony) to bless the space that was soon to become @sonanewyork Godspeed!” She wrote.

Her business partner Maneesh Goyal also wrote about the upcoming opening, posting a sweet note celebrating her achievements and explaining how dedicated Priyanka was throughout the process. “From the design to the menu, the music to the name,” he wrote, “Priyanka has her fingerprints all over SONA.”

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