Prabal Gurung is making a Valentine’s Day for New York Metropolis with its fall 2021 assortment

A summer wandering the city streets inspired the bright and bold dresses.

Prabal Gurung is so excited that people want to get dressed again, he is almost dizzy about it.

His private clients have come to him asking for things like clothes and tailored suits, he explains on Zoom, which is an exciting prospect for anyone after months of sweatpants, but especially for a designer like Gurung who does some of his best work in dressing Customers for the fancier moments in their lives (or at least the moments that don’t happen on Zoom calls).

However, Gurung’s fall 2021 collection is about so much more than just feedback from private customers. In the middle of the Covid-19 crisis last year, he took a step back from the increasingly hectic fashion calendar and decided not to show the spring 2021 season. Instead, he took the summer to wander the familiar streets of New York City, from the protests against Black Lives Matter he witnessed in Washington Square Park to groups of young people in their nines were dressed and fashioned near the pillars, inspire. It was, he notes with some surprise, one of the best summers of his life.

Gurung channeled this renewed fascination for his adopted home into his designs, a riot of bright pinks and reds mixed with bold polka dots (a nod to those well-dressed Voguer) and moody flowers (inspired by the modest bodega bouquets he made at all demonstrations saw summer). In his words, it’s a love letter to New York City.

While still delivering a disguised vision, he takes the filling out of the more formal pieces by either turning up ruched dresses in an unexpected cotton fabric or pulling back the volume on skirts. The dresses are tea-length and the suits come with extremely wide-leg pants – not quite sweatpants, but still cozier than a sharper option. Conversely, his more casual pieces, like cargo pants for men, are made in moiré, which creates a nice interplay between formal and informal.

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Gurung roots his designs in his theory that men in their full feminine splendor are most threatened by women – whether this means wearing a protective suit, a mini skirt or a romantic dress, he leaves the decision up to the customer. Ultimately, he hopes there is something for everyone here; There’s a black and white suit that he could just as easily see on Harry Styles as Kamala Harris, for example.

Fall 2021 is still a departure from the standard calendar for Gurung in many ways. The collection includes both the main pre-fall and the more editorial fall seasons, as they sit together in stores anyway. But in every other way this collection is a classic Prabal Gurung: you can feel the joy of movement, the care in the crystal arch details, the love in the deeply saturated prints.

The complete Prabal Gurung Fall 2021 collection can be found in the following gallery:

A look from the Prabal Gurung Fall 2021 collection. Photo: Leeor Wild / Courtesy Prabal Gurung

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