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Long Island school administrators and city officials warned parents later in the week after an attempt to lure Thursday morning.

A 10-year-old boy had left his Russell Gardens home and was walking to his school bus stop that morning when a light-colored van approached the boy, Nassau County police said.

Officials said a man got out of the van and told the boy to get in. The boy immediately ran home and contacted his mother, who called the police.

Nobody, it seems, has looked closely at the van. The police were back in the area on Friday looking for the vehicle.

“He did the right thing. You don’t go to strangers, you turn around and go back inside,” said Peter Koh, a neighbor who was jogging in the area Thursday morning when the police arrived.

Authorities called the neighbors to check any ringtones or security systems for the house for videos of the suspects.

The school district emailed parents and students on Thursday a letter informing them of the incident and asking parents to take the opportunity to review safety rules with their children.

“I just want to thank my church for all their love and support and may God bless and protect your children. Talk to them and make them aware,” said the boy’s mother, Sonia Baronci.

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