Pleasure Moyler’s first assortment of tableware is impressed by New York’s architectural magnificence

Photo credit: Joy Moyler Atelier

From the porch

Today designer, VERANDA columnist and host of the IG Live series “High Tea with Joy” Joy Moyler announced the launch of the Joy Moyler Atelier, with her first collection full of inspiration from her hometown New York City. This collection contains three black and white table designs: Majestic, Beresford and Dakota.

“I love to be inspired by the silhouettes I see almost every day,” says Moyler. “I walked around Central Park so much at the time, and one day I looked at the buildings in Central Park West and admired the elements of their structures. I just started sketching and thinking about how to put that on dishes.”

Like everything else she does, Moyler immediately took a deep dive, teaching herself Adobe Illustrator, researching the best ways to source china, and working with various manufacturers to best interpret their artwork on plates and mugs. It was around this time that her late mother fell ill, and while she was putting off the collection to take care of her, Moyler’s mother became a major source of inspiration for Joy Moyler’s studio.

“I started looking through some jewelry that I had collected and looked at two of my favorite earrings that were my mother’s pieces,” says Moyler. “It was these beautiful emerald and diamond pieces, and when I studied their shape I was inspired to create my logo design.”

Moyler hopes this collection will encourage more people to improve their daily meals and take the time to make them special – whether they’re having a grilled cheese take away or finally mastering a recipe for Beef Wellington – and says , she wanted to know about our current economic crisis by making this collection accessible to a wide range of consumers.

“You can forget about the evils of the world when you have a real meal on a real plate, and it allows you to really celebrate the day and enjoy the people around your table or just indulge yourself,” says Moyler. “Light some candles and serve your dinner on plates with beautiful platinum edges and watch it glow.”

The story goes on

While one day she dreams of going back to her favorite spots like the Polo Bar, Palm Court in the Plaza and Marea in Central Park, Moyler has enjoyed finding more time to cook and plate nice meals and a hot cup of British Drink black tea with a dash of cream and enjoy the fruits of their labor. The designer is very hopeful to grow her brand in the months and years to come, and says she fell in love with designing and producing bespoke products on this initial introduction. She enjoyed this marriage of two of her greatest passions: architecture and everything to do with food – from cooking to coating to hosting – and we can’t wait to see what’s next from Joy Moyler’s Atelier.

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