Phrase + Quiz: Rigidity – The New York Occasions

1. a state of motor and mental inactivity with a partial loss of sensitivity

2. Inactivity due to lethargy and a lack of strength or energy


The word solidification was published in 18 articles on last year, including “These Hummingbirds Take Extreme Naps. Some can even hibernate ”by Veronique Greenwood:

Hummingbirds live a life of extremes. The flying creatures are known to have the fastest metabolism among vertebrates, and to encourage their brisk lifestyle they sometimes drink their own body weight in nectar every day. But the Andean hummingbirds in South America go one step further.

Not only do you have to work harder to soar high, but you also save energy on cool nights by going into exceptionally deep depths solidification, a physiological state similar to hibernation, in which your body temperature drops by up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, as dawn approaches, they begin to shiver and their temperatures rise to 96 degrees again.


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