Photographs present what ‘Elf’ places in New York Metropolis actually appear to be

  • I lived in New York City for over a year and have been to many places where the movie “Elf” was shot.
  • Most of the locations featured in the 2003 film look the same today, like the Empire State Building and Central Park.
  • Gimbels, where Buddy (the elf the film is about) works, used to be a real department store in NYC, but it closed in the 80s. Instead, the textile building was used as the exterior view of gimbels in the film.
  • You can find more stories on the Insider homepage.

Warning: spoilers ahead for the movie “Elf”.

Every December my brother and I watch “Elf” together. Then we spend the whole year linking the many fun pieces together whenever they are relevant.

Now that I live in New York, where my favorite vacation movie was shot, I’ve seen many of the movie’s iconic locations from Rockefeller Center to Central Park.

But while you can visit some of the pages from the movie, I’ve found that they don’t all look like they do in the movie.

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