Peter Weber confirms that he and Kelley Flanagan are transferring to New York collectively

From Cosmopolitan

Time to get in touch with former Bachelor stars Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan. No, don’t worry, Kelley didn’t film Peter doing yet another interpretive TikTok dance – but the couple are moving to New York together.

Much like a commercial pilot, these rumors have been floating around for a while – but Peter confirmed the news during an Instagram Q&A and said, “Yeah, we’re moving to New York City in early January, and so are we.” I am definitely happy that Kell was on board and I look forward to sharing all of our new adventures with you guys. “

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He also penned a small caption, pondering, “So grateful that Kell was on board! My goal when I turned 20 was that I wanted to live in New York before my 20s was up and I am. ” just barely cross it off the list! “

Kelley and Peter have been together since 2020 and recently set engagement rumors when Gossip ‘Gram Deux Moi released a report that they made it official. In response to these rumors, Kelley told Entertainment Tonight, “We love to keep getting to know each other, having many great adventures, and growing together. We are very happy!”

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