OMA unveils a fluted glass lid for the New York flagship of Tiffany & Co ..

OMA will renovate and expand the New York flagship of jewelry company Tiffany & Co. on Fifth Avenue.

The most visible part of the project is a new roof structure that will replace an existing extension to the original 1940s building from the 1980s. The new three-story extension will host events and other activities and will be clad with two different types of glass. The lower, recessed part of the volume has a conventional-looking glass skin with doors opening onto a surrounding rooftop terrace, while the upper part has a sagging glass facade that has a shimmering, striped appearance in renderings. The textured skin forms a subtle contrast to the surrounding flat glass towers and hovers over the limestone-clad building below.

The original seven-story building was designed by Cross & Cross, a large New York architecture firm from the early 20th century that designed many buildings across the city and elsewhere.

Last year, OMA completed another major commercial renovation project in Manhattan: Sotheby’s New York headquarters. OMA expects to complete work on Tiffany & Co.’s flagship in spring 2022.

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