NYC Nightlife: What to Do in New York Metropolis at Evening

The day in NYC is fine. Everything is open, the energy is high and the subway runs (somehow) smoothly. Great. But once the work, your commute and the stresses of your 9 to 5 wear off, once the sun goes down and the artificial lights come up, a different New York emerges.

Without the crowds and commerce, the city comes alive after dark – it blushes on its avenues, whispers on its bridges, grumbles in its bars and roars in its clubs. As you step out onto the shady streets, you meet a place and a people whose mood and panache just couldn’t exist without the cover of darkness. New York’s identity pops up every night; a nightly other half that is just as important to their identity as the alter ego of their business hours.

For all those who are looking for this restless energy, a look at the face behind the shimmering everyday mask. For anyone who isn’t afraid of the shadows, here’s what to do after hours in NYC.

Greenwich Village
It’s hard to keep a secret in NYC, but the artist-run performing arts venue Secret Loft still feels a little under the radar. Upcoming events this winter include a burlesque performance, a comedy show (with free pizza!), A spectacular flight image, an open microphone, and a debate party.

Strive for your little things

You know you know everything, but do strangers who might have thought they were going to spend a quiet night at the bar in the middle of some trivia extravaganza know that you know everything? There are quiz nights of all kinds across the city: start at Professor Thom in Manhattan, at the B61 bar in Brooklyn, at the Wolfhound in Queens, or at the Bronx Beer Hall. do the washing up
There are plenty of bowling alleys to knock them down all over town – but only one that you can do it all night long. Whitestone Bowling Alley is open 24/7. Outside, Whitestone appears to have been wrapped in amber in the 1960s. It looks pretty much the same inside. But it gives the whole company a little vintage kitsch.Mermaid SpaMermaid Spa NYC

Take a swim in the bathroom

A hot bath before bed is one of life’s little joys, but a cold bath is just the thing to girdle your body for a long night on the town. The Russian and Turkish baths in the East Village have a 46-degree incline and are open until 10 p.m. every night of the week. The Great Jones Spa’s water lounge has a sauna, steam room, hot tub, and icy plunge pool. And the tile bathrooms at the Mermaid Spa are cooled with chopped ice.SpyscapeSPYSCAPE

Hell kitchen
Everyone knows that espionage can take place at any time of the day or night, but it is most effective under cover of darkness. Learn how to fool, crack code, encrypt, perform spy supplies, special operations, surveillance and hacking in the interactive Spyscape museum.Books are Magic BrooklynCourtesy Books Are Magic

Hear a bedtime story

Even as Amazon gets a grip on consumers, NYC still has a few bookstores old and new. Check out the calendars at McNally Jackson, Bluestockings, Housing Works, Books Are Magic, Astoria Bookshop, and Berls Brooklyn Poetry Shop and find the prose that speaks to your soul.

Or tell someone about yourself

Once you’ve mastered the art of listening (it may take a while), spin your own yarn on an open microphone night. Sign up to be on stage at the Old Man Hustle on Sunday evenings, the Nuyorican Poets Cafe every Monday, and the Pete’s Candy Store various evenings.Brooklyn MuseumCourtesy of the Brooklyn Museum

Anyone who defies the crowd on Sunday afternoons in a New York museum misses the irony of the old joke: “Nobody goes to this place anymore; It’s too crowded. “Once the herd has thinned out during the day, find a more relaxed place to read venerable collections or boogie at a sweaty, loud dance party – the programming varies. Check out The’s nightly exhibition tours, talks, and readings Whitney or the first dance parties on Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum.Another half breweryAnother half brewerycity-wide
New York’s craft beer scene is getting stronger. Snacks, live entertainment and the proud product of hyperlocalism are available every night in every neighborhood (except the crowded one). With a heady IPA at Brooklyn’s Other Half Brewing, a sleek lager at Staten Islands Flagship Brewery, a crispy apple cider at the Bronx Brewery or a velvety stout at Singlecut Beersmiths in Queens.

Get high (literally)

Midtown, financial district
Trite true, there’s nothing like a sky-high view from the center of Gotham at night. Rise over “too touristy” judgments to a panorama of twinkling lights, traffic flows on the avenues and a perspective of the countless lives of the city. Whether it’s the top of the rock, the Empire State Building observation deck, or the One World Observatory, you can stand in line, but your reward will humiliate even the most jaded of us
Tucked away in a cabin, scribbled on your paper placemat, with a cup of coffee and a piece of cherry cake ready: Here you are among the Nighthawks. No doubt the menu is extensive in your grease spoon, but people-watching is the real draw here. Night at a 24-hour diner is the burnt, coffee-scented link between those who are ending their days and those who are just beginning. It’s the clean, well-lit place where the city changes gears. The Georgia Diner in Queens, the Daisy Diner in Brooklyn, the Waverly Diner in Manhattan, and the Colonnade Diner in Staten Island are all nightly staples.

Catch a show

Maybe you’re looking for a punk spectacle on Staten Island, the world’s most famous amateur lesson in Harlem, a drag show in Chelsea, ballet grace on the Upper West Side, salsa in the Bronx, Indy riffs in Williamsburg, and cool jazz in Park Slope or comedy in Long Island City – whatever you want, every single night and in every single borough, someone does it in public for you to enjoy. Support local artists and find your scene. Arthur Avenue
New York’s place in the cultural avant-garde makes old school authenticity scarce, but anchored on Arthur Avenue, the Bronx’s Little Italy is too good, too typical, to be wallpapered by the zeitgeist. No precious, tortured, plucked amuse bouches here. Instead, find businesses owned and operated by proud New Yorker families that offer candlelit evenings of sumptuous dining on red checkered tablecloths. Go north to find the cannoli. Mozzarella; and the veal, chicken and eggplant parm of your dreams.House of yesHouse of yescity-wide
Imagine dancing during the day. The tableau has something … wrong, no? Good luck finding a place where the soundtrack your soul longs for hits before sunset. The famous House of Yes has as hip and steamy atmosphere as you could want in a club. If you’re looking for something low-key, spots like C’mon Everybody and Beauty Bar keep DJ dance parties on their calendars. K-Town
Unlike loosey-goosey-pub-caterwauling (which we love) Korean-style karaoke is more of a purposeful, polished affair with dramatic lighting and private spaces. It’s not an activity, it’s an experience – one that can run most of the night if you have the essentials and a bag of lozenges on hand. Favorite spots include the Maru Karaoke Lounge, Chorus Karaoke, and 32 Karaoke.Angel shareAngel share | Cole Saladino / Thrillist

New York is a drinking city. The possibilities of getting weird seem endless and are subject to your mood. Whether it’s an Irish pub, a crispy dive, a beer garden, a gay bar, a pseudo-speakeasy, a pickup joint, or one at a time – if you’re playing a game, the official last call has to be at 4am only be a guideline in the morning. Greenwood Heights
In addition to being the highest topographical point in Brooklyn, the peaceful Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn is one of the city’s great historical sites and the only place to see wild parrots in the five boroughs. Guided cemetery tours, live music, art installations, and other arcane night programs make this place a permanent and uniquely fascinating place to spend an evening.Ferry to Staten Island at nightFerry to Staten Island at night | Flickr / mgenlemon

Depart from Lower Manhattan
The Staten Island Ferry is free, runs all night, and offers the best views of the Statue of Liberty and the illuminated NYC skyline. They also sell beer right on the boat depending on the hour. Do I suggest that you bring a bottle of liquid heat as well, pack some big boys in a brown bag, or have something rolled up for the roughly 50-minute round trip? No I’m not. These things are all fined by the NYPD. I am not suggesting them.

Go hiking

Downtown Manhattan
We are far from the bad old days, which means that after dark one can and should take to the streets with relative confidence. A popular place to meander is SoHo. During the day it is unbearable; a bourgeois mall choked by tourists. At night it is a quarter again, the magnificently decorated industrial facades of which are illuminated by street lamps and the large front windows of the galleries and offer a peaceful view. If the weather is right, head west via Houston to the pedestrian walkway along the river – the perfect post-meal constitution.Two bit retro arcadeTwo bit retro arcadecity-wide
Playing doesn’t have to be a lonely pastime at home. Every night of the week you can rub your elbows with high score chasers in one of New York’s gambling halls, challenge a friendly stranger, and enjoy 8-bit nostalgia. Barcade, Two-Bits Retro Arcade, and Sunshine Laundromat serve alcohol, Chinatown Fair, Next Level, and Modern Pinball don’t – but you won’t miss it when you’re in your cacophonic neon bubble away from the outside world in Chinatown
There are few things as satisfying as a pile of dumplings at night. After that, few things are as welcome as a warm bed. There are several Chinatowns in New York where you can end your night. In Manhattan’s Chinatown, Wo-Hop is open until 4:30 a.m. Hot Space in Sunset Park until 2 a.m.

Watch the sunrise

Coney Island
After the cyclone retired for the night and the fun seekers, freaks, and carneys wrapped it up, there’s still the beach, sea, sky, and you. There are so few places in this city for solitude or appreciation of the vastness and power of nature that it feels transcendent to just sit and watch the first light of the morning over the Atlantic.

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