Newest UK Division of Overseas Affairs journey recommendation for US holidays in New York, Florida and California

The United States is a dream destination for many, but flying across the Atlantic has never been so difficult.

The Federal Foreign Office has updated its travel advice with the announcement of a new strain of coronavirus in London and the south-east of England.

Around 3.8 million UK nationals travel to the US each year. However, with the rapidly spreading strain of coronavirus spreading in the UK, citizens living in Tier 4 areas must stay at home unless they fall under specific exemptions.

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The advice on traveling to the US was updated on Christmas Day (December 25th) to state that you must have a negative coronavirus test no later than 72 hours before you leave the UK.

Londoners are not allowed to travel abroad, with limited exceptions, as the capital is subject to Tier 4 restrictions.

As of December 20th, “Individuals in Tier 4 areas in England will no longer be allowed to travel abroad, with limited exceptions such as work,” according to the UK Foreign Travel Office website.

Based on the current assessment of the Covid 19 risks, the Federal Foreign Office advises against all but essential trips to the entire USA.

If you are eligible to enter the US, you must be willing to self-isolate 14 days after your arrival.

If you are flying to the US from the UK after December 28th, you must return a negative by PCR or antigen testing no later than 72 hours prior to your departure from the UK.

You will also need to provide your airline with written documentation of your laboratory test result.

Other countries have also closed their borders with the UK and can restrict movement or introduce new quarantine rules without warning.

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