New York’s Yankee Stadium to vaccinate Bronx residents solely

New York’s Yankee Stadium will open as a coronavirus vaccination center later this week, but only for residents to ensure the underprivileged receive doses, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Wednesday.

The Bronx baseball field will only vaccinate people who live in the district, one of the poorest in town, which has some of the highest rates of Covid-19 infection.

“It’s a home run for justice and justice,” wrote de Blasio on Twitter using a baseball term.

The vaccinations are carried out by appointment. 15,000 vaccinations are available in the first week.

Figures released by the city on Sunday suggest black and Latin American populations are underrepresented among the more than 500,000 New Yorkers already vaccinated.

Only 15 percent of the cans went into the arms of Hispanic people, who make up nearly 30 percent of New York’s eight million residents.

Blacks made up only 11 percent of the shots, despite making up 25 percent of the population.

Whites received 48 percent of the vaccines, according to the partial data. The city had no ethnic data for 40 percent of recipients.

New York’s minority groups were disproportionately affected by the pandemic, with blacks and Latinos dying more often than whites.

New York announced in January that major vaccination centers would be opening at Yankee Stadium as well as the home of their baseball rival Mets, but a shortage of supplies delayed those plans.

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