New York’s LX2 Leisure Opens in Manila – The Manila Occasions

New York-based LX2 Entertainment Corporation, aware of the Philippines’ endless talent, has opened an office in Manila to discover an artist management talent stable while already working with a music label.

Loi Magan, CEO of LX2 Entertainment Manila, and Albert Andrada, President

“We’re really excited to find the next big music and film acts in this country. We want to create stars, ”said Loi Magan, CEO of LX2, in a statement to The Manila Times Entertainment.

When setting up the local office, Magan turned to the famous fashion designer to lead the training program that uses every talent to prepare for business. Andrada was only too happy to take up the offer and is now President of LX2 Entertainment Manila.

LX2 has already launched online applications for international auditions. Young actors and singers aged 18 and over are invited to meet the following requirements: two recently pristine color photos (close-up and full body), résumé / portfolio, a self-introduction video (shot against a white wall from center torso on top of head) and a Link to a performance video uploaded to YouTube entitled “2021 LX2 Entertainment Auditions”.

Applications began on January 18th and will run through February 14th. Those selected during the initial screening will receive an email invitation to a live audition that follows safety protocols. If the applicant receives another callback, they will complete the artist development training program with Andrada and other entertainment professionals.

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