New York Yankees Information: Gerrit Cole offended at MLB

New York Daily News | Kristie Ackert: Gerrit Cole, who has just been elected to the MLBPA’s sub-executive committee, yesterday expressed his frustration with the league. Considering the comments made by former Mariners President Kevin Mather, “Every player should wake up and read the news. That guy in the Mariners organization. Unfortunately, these conversations are held in many clubs, and so do many clubs. “He presented MLB with the task of how teams manipulate players’ service time and treat them like assets.

Yahoo Sports | Anthony McCarron: 2021 will be a crucial year for Gleyber Torres. McCarron points out some of the positive developments that emerged from the challenging 2020 year for Torres, including improved record discipline and mastery of the strike zone. The extent to which Torres can hold onto those wins while bringing back the strength he has shown in his first two seasons, not to mention how he behaves defensively, could have a huge impact on the course of his young career. | Mike Rosenstein: In somewhat related news, The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal predicted that it would take the Mets about eight years and $ 280 million to sign or renew the shortstop Francisco Lindor. If the Mets don’t block Lindor and Torres’ defensive adventure continues briefly, could you see the Yankees look at Lindor at the price? After pulling out all the stops to get under the luxury tax this year, I would certainly hope so.

New York Post | Dan Martin: One small step here when the Yankees outfielder named Greg Allen back in the fold for Brett Gardner. The Yankees probably had Allen on board because they didn’t get a chance to need a little more depth of field for spring training. With a career of 71 OPS + and most teams whose rosters are fairly open, the Yankees can see Allen slip through waivers. | Mike Rosenstein: In case you missed it, the Yankees finally announced the signatures of Gardner and Justin Wilson and the corresponding 40-man squad machinations. To make room for Gardner, the Yankees put Luis Severino on the 60-day IL, which means the right-handed in pinstripe won’t be seen until June at the earliest. The Allen DFA made room for Wilson.

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