New York Yankees Information: Buying and selling Nolan Arenado has extra choices so as to add | Mike Rosenstein: The Yankees passed one generation superstar infielder on earlier in the off-season when Francisco Lindor went to the Mets, and it appears they passed another one on. All day long there was talk of the Cardinals working with the Rockies on a deal for the third baseman, Nolan Arenado, and according to Ken Rosenthal they reached an agreement.

However, the bigger consequence for the Yankees could be that after the Arenado deal, the Rockies try to lock Trevor Story as a shortstop. The story was viewed as a possible upgrade at Shortstop as Gleyber Torres’ defensive skills were in question there, but now that street can be closed.

NY Post | Dan Martin: When Brian Cashman praised Masahiro Tanaka’s Yankees career, he added a sore point to the accomplishments Tanaka had achieved. Cashman mentioned that he felt that Tanaka was doing everything possible to get New York back into the fall classics and that “he would probably have got us to a World Series if we hadn’t gotten some gimmicks.” Obviously, the Astros scandal is still a deep wound to the franchise, and the opportunity it took away from its players will remain in the back of their minds for a while.

NY Daily News | William Bradford Davis: The Adam Ottavino deal came together pretty quickly, but it may have surprised Ottavino more than anyone. The aide was training at Yankee Stadium when he was informed of the deal, and Aaron Boone was on hand when the news broke. In some ways, it’s a suitably uncomfortable end to a rare trade between rivals, as Ottavino will donning Red Sox colors multiple times this year and compete against his former team.

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