New York Yankees Information: Bauer’s Market Does not Embrace Yankees | Randy Miller: Trevor Bauer’s market doesn’t seem to be doing very well for the top pitcher available. The teams weren’t very interested in the price that Bauer and his agent set, and the Yankees are reportedly among the teams that aren’t currently on. Bauer wants to capitalize on a year where his spin rates have skyrocketed and his production has followed, but it seems the front offices are not biting him for prime money. | Bryan Hoch: The Yankees had literally dozen of legendary players and withdrew 21 of their numbers at Monument Park – they even withdrew the # 8 jersey twice. That’s a huge pool of players who are definitely the best to ever wear that number for the franchise, but there are plenty of others to consider and Hoch does his best to rate them all.

NY Post (page 6) | Oli Coleman: This is a short but sweet one. JD Martinez was recently approached about his opt-out and asked about the chances of boat jumping to the Yankees – something several major Red Sox players have done over the past few decades – and he reportedly had a funny joke about it. Martinez said he will join the Yankees “if they let me keep my beard” and add his name to the list of notable athletes for a look at the organization’s archaic facial hair policy.

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