New York State Chief Data Officer: “Not Unhealthy for a Norfolk C Pupil”

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – “Not bad for a C-student”: That’s something Angelo “Tony” Riddick must say as he steps into his new job as Chief Information Officer for New York State.

Friends call him Tony and Regina Mobley from WAVY-TV 10 is one of them. Tony Riddick and Regina graduated from Granby High School in 1979 and became the first black graduates to be inducted into the Granby High School Hall of Fame years later in the 1990s.

There is also a double attitude.

The identical Riddick twins Angelo and Lorenzo were known in the halls of Granby High School, where they became seasoned members of the football team and the NJROTC program. Both were intended for the officer ranks Tony Riddick served over the years in Germany, Korea and Iraq, and the Pentagon. Lorenzo Riddick, the VIP pilot, has served in Korea, Saudi Arabia, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Alabama.

(Courtesy photo by Angelo Riddick)

In 2008, Tony Riddick, a Colonel, and her former NJROTC instructor Paul Evans presided over the retirement ceremony of twin brother Lt. Col. Lorenzo Riddick. Lorenzo Riddick is now the Director of Operations at Fort Eustis in Newport News.

Tony Riddick retired in 2014 and was named director of the governor of the Bureau of Information Technology and chief information officer of the U.S. Virgin Islands in 2016.

In December 2020, Tony Riddick made history when he became the first black chief information officer for New York State.

The twins always made their mother, Brenda Owen from Hampton, proud.

The so-called “good” twin also reflected Tony Riddick’s achievements, saying his brother was ready for the challenges in Albany.

“Tony worked really hard to get into this position. His time in the Army and in the Virgin Islands as CIO prepared him for almost anything. We are very proud, especially from such humble beginnings, ”said Lorenzo Riddick.

The so-called “aggressive twin” Tony Riddick has advice for young blacks in his hometown.

“What I tell kids these days is living proof that a C-Average can take you anywhere. All you have to do is have the ambition and energy and will to do the things you want to do, ”said TonyRiddick.

Tony Riddick is responsible for the information technology infrastructure and all communications equipment for New York.

“On the surface, I’m responsible for New York State’s IT infrastructure and all of the communications that take place in it. [Also] Database management, network infrastructure and cybersecurity, ”said Tony Riddick. It employs 3,400 people, including a financial portfolio officer and a project manager.

After two months in the field, Tony Riddick was asked if he had identified the “unknown unknowns”.

“The unknowns are still the unknowns and it becomes a challenge when COVID is on. Every day there is a new phenomenon, ”said Tony Riddick.

The pandemic is just one of the threats to the nation. Riddick uses his military installed skills to face various types of enemies, including domestic terrorism and misinformation campaigns.

“In my opinion, misinformation is currently the greatest threat to this country. There are so many types of media that people consume every day and understanding what is real and what is not is a new phenomenon, ”he said.

As Tony Riddick guards communications and technology in New York, he holds hope in his hometown for children in his hometown who also fight another enemy.

“I was raised by my mother and grandma in Park Place and Villa Heights. It’s not easy to survive in these neighborhoods, but decision-making is key. It takes willpower, it takes persistence and it takes a goal, ”said Tony Riddick.

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